35mm Film Street Photography - Analog Camera (Part 1)

In this gallery I show case some of my Street Photography Adventures through my Analog Cameras. I’ve been going back to Film simply for the aesthetic look and the overall experience of working with it. This experience can’t be explained unless you take the camera in hand and start taking photos. I still use my digital camera but at some point I wanted to get back that enthusiasm and passion of taking photos without having to worry about looking at the screen to check my shots.

Analog Street Photography is amazing as you have to get the right moment at the right time with a manual focusing camera which makes it difficult and you can’t even check if you got the right shot until the film is developed. So this challenge brings back the passion of when I first started photography, it makes me become more aware of my surroundings and also really focus on what I can capture but with minimum time to really think about the shot. There’s multiple types of street photography but for me I tend to focus more on people and being sneaky to get those candid shots.

Camera that I’ve been using are Fuji STX-2 | Minolta Hi-Matic 11 | Ricoh Singlex II and I’ve got another camera which I haven’t tried yet and it’s the Kodak Six-20 Folding Brownie, I’m really looking forward to try this beautiful piece of art. I will be sure to share some of my shots from the Kodak on my my Blog page.

In regards to Film that I use so far I’ve been using Kodak Portra 400 | Fujicolor C200 both has different type of grain which then gives different finish, I can say that I like both..

If you’re looking to give it a shot, there’s many cameras out there as well as different type of film. Analog street photography is very much a road worth going down and you won’t be disappointed of the overall experience.

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En Noir et Blanc

It’s been a while since I’ve done some monochrome photography so I thought why not having my next street photography series in black and white.

So here it is some of my previous street photography works.

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The Streets of St Albans Victoria

St Albans is a suburb 15 km (9 mi) north-west of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located within the City of Brimbank local government area. St Albans recorded a population of 37,309 at the 2016 Census.

St Albans' main commercial and shopping precinct is located on Main Road West, Main Road East, Alfrieda Street, the railway station and East Esplanade. It has become a very multicultural area with 53.5% of residents being born overseas and has a high proportion of non-English speaking background residents. The postcode is 3021.

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Chamarel Mauritius

“With A Smile”

Something that is still beautiful and that captivated me while in Mauritius was how hard working women always take pride in whatever work they do. These two portraits really illustrates this happiness and in the picture on that day it was raining heavily but she didn’t care much about the weather.
This post is dedicated to all the hardworking women around the world in particular my mum 

A Little History About Chamarel.

Chamarel is a village in Mauritius located in Rivière Noire District, the eastern part of the village also lies in the Savanne District. The village is administered by the Chamarel Village Council under the aegis of the Rivière Noire District Council.

Today it is primarily known for its scenic locations and nature attractions in its neighbourhood, among them are the Seven Coloured Earths, the Chamarel FallsEbony Forest Chamarel and the Black River Gorges National Park. The surrounding area is also known for its locally grown coffee. Chamerel's church Saint Anna was built is 1876 and is subject to a pilgrimage on the Assumption of Mary (August 15), during which the village hosts a fair associated with the pilgrimage as well

To read more visit Wikipedia as this was extract from this website.

All Picture was taken and owned by Legrandesign Photography they were taken on my previous holidays in Mauritius. Here’s a Video Highlights of my Mauritius Hollday CLICK HERE for PART 1 & PART 2

Melbourne Winter streets photography journey through my lense.

In this winter photo series I wanted to share some of my daily street photography in Melbourne city. I personally don't like Winter but when it comes to Street Photography in Winter it is definitely interesting.

What is interesting is that moody atmosphere in winter and that is what I tried to capture in this series. Like an old lady on and early morning while waiting for the tram was enjoying here cigi. Or ona rainy day how people try to find shelter. I also capture some architectural and alleyway photos on Fitzroy Streets.

Hope you will enjoy the journey through my lense!
"Capturing today's memories for tomorrow"

The Streets of Mauritius - Roll 2

This is the continuation of the Street Photography of my holiday in Mauritius last December 2017 & January 2018. Still the same location "Centre de Flacq"  a busy district located in the East of Mauritius. 

I tried to capture the everyday life of the Mauritian people some pics might disturb but that's the reality of the life in Mauritius. There's not only beautiful beaches in Mauritius it's a multicultural island where we all try to make a living. Street foods surely does not conform with the safety standard of other country but the taste is amazing. I've grown up eating that type of street food which are delicious.

Make sure you comment and tell us about your experience travelling to Mauritius Island. Or if you were born in Mauritius and usually go back for holidays.


The Streets of "Centre De Flacq Mauritius" - Roll 1

This is part one of a series of street photos that I took of the everyday life people in "Centre De Flacq in Mauritius." Flacq is a District located in the East of Mauritius and it is a very busy place. You can find lots of bargain for the shopping lovers. 

Food is not too bad considering the prices there. But for sure if you are a street photography lover this place is like winning the photography lottery. With beautiful colors everywhere, busy streets, old cars, traditional streets food of Mauritius and much more.

I do recommend this place for any street photographer who is planning to go or is going to Mauritius.

The Street of Mauritius

This pic was taken on my holidays in December last year in Mauritius. I forgot how in Mauritius we don't have my concern about safety precautions and just want to get the job done. Here's a very good example to showcase this.

I took this photos in Flacq a suburb in the East of Mauritius. It's a pretty busy place with lots of shops and there's a big market that opens I think 2-3 times during the week.

The Welder